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About Us

Top 2 Bottom

Green Cleaning LLC

Serving the Clarksville Area Since 2013


Lets begin with how we "got to Clarksville". That tends to be our number one question asked. So here it is in a nut shell.

From the southeast to the southwest and back!

Laura is born and raised here in Clarksville, TN. She went on a escapade to Las Vegas and in doing so led to meeting Jessica. They were friends from there on out. Both enjoy sports and history, but Jessica would perfer a competitive and exciting match of poker while Laura would like to be enduldged in a good book or informative documentary.


We both had goals and dreams and knew that there was more to life than what we were doing. Tired of the same old song and dance, same routine. We both decided to make a huge change in our life and that is when Jessica quit her job of Director of Operations at a beautiful, state of the art, indoor sports complex located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jessica enjoys photography and business. Her business expereince has been a huge impact on Top 2 Bottom Green Cleaning LLC.

Laura was working with a wonderful company; Whole Foods when she decided to uproot and make a huge change and we set sail back to Clarksville to do something different. We knew we wanted to work for ourselves but didn't know exactly what we were going to do. Now less than 2 years later we are extremely proud owners of Top 2 Bottom Green Cleaning LLC and we share a powerful passion for spreading the awareness of living GREEN and living CLEAN.

Our passion for healthier alternatives and economically better choices goes way beyond cleaning a home or detailing a vehicle. We strive to clean up toxic sites like Pitcher, OK and The Love Canal. Our mission is to create healhier alternatives to daily needs and desires in order to allow our Rock to heal itself again. While expanding Top 2 Bottom here locally, we are currently working on a patent for a product we have created. We are extremely excited to share this product with the world and thank you all for not only your business, but your continous support.


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“OMG! I can not say enough about these ladies! They make my life better!! They always get right in and out, do a spectacular job, and with an awesome attitude! I get a deep cleaning every month, and I'm just so thankful for them."


~Amber Campbell, It Works

Absolutely love how great our carpets look!! Carpets are clean, do not smell of all those toxic chemicals, and best of all our carpet is already dry, I don't have to be stuck all day waiting for the carpets to dry! You have another customer for life now, only Top 2 Bottom for all our cleaning needs! Thanks ladies!!


~Brittany Ann

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